Davide Andrea
Chief Engineer

Studied Electrical Engineering at CU Boulder. Nobel Prize Winner Jan Hall mentee at JILA Boulder. Dedicated over a decade of specialized research in the field of Batteries and BMS. Published “Battery Management Systems for Large Lithium-Ion Battery Packs” book in 2009.
Robert Antunovic

Entrepreneur with an appetite for big challenges. Started his first micro-business at age 7 exchanging European currencies. Moved to USA at age 26 and built a multi-million dollar consumer products business within a few years. Joined Board of Advisors for Elithion BMS- igniting great passion for advanced energy solutions.
Eben Johnson
VP Sales

Seasoned Alternative Energy Start-Ups Entrepreneur and Mentor. Adjunct Professor, School of Engineering, CU Boulder. Launched Clean-Tech business, now $1 Billion PA revenue. Won 1st production contract and closed $8M funding for H2 FC start-up.
Heather Philipp
VP Marketing

Expresses her artistic passion as a soulful Jazz Singer. 14 years of experience in Marketing and Strategy. Ran Media and Communications department as Director for Renewable Choice Energy. Battery Energy Storage Systems Writer.
Barry Sprague
Chief Chemist

Obsessed with the possibilities of the molecular world. Holds several commercially successful pollution reduction Patents. 28 years of involvement in Clean Transportation solutions. American Chemical Society Member.