BeVault delivers a range of battery storage solutions to maximize efficiency, streamline operations and elevate profits.

All BeVault energy storage systems are made with our proprietary Battery Management System [BMS] combined with battery cells manufactured in partnership with CALB Batteries using the best possible components and equipment available on the market today. Our team of in-house and partner engineers offers one of the world’s most advanced experience of multi-MWh Li-Ion battery energy storage systems installed throughout the world. We offer both off-the-shelf modules (details below) as well as custom made solutions for either power or energy applications. BeVault systems can be optimized for top performance in various functions of Grid, Renewables, Community and Residential applications;

    • Frequency Regulation
    • Renewables Integration
    • Voltage Support and Control
    • System Restoration and Blackstart
    • Distributed Energy Storage and Integration
    • Spinning Reserves
    • Uninterrupted Power Supply [UPS]
    • Electric Supply Reserve Capacity
    • Load Following/Leveling
    • Plant Investment Deferral
    • Dynamic Stability Support
    • Community and Residential Energy Storage [CRES]
    • Blackout Backups
    • Energy Mobility
    • Industrial Energy Cost Reduction etc.






BeVault 5.2 kWh battery Module 

BeVault Module is designed for inclusion in large battery plants for stationary applications. Modules are available in various voltages, and may be stacked in series to achieve higher voltages, in parallel to achieve higher currents, or either to achieve higher power and energy levels. BeVault Modules are designed to enable precharge, post-discharge as well as a faster, safer connection of modules in parallel (hot-swap). Modules communicate through a CAN bus to a central controller.

Principal module characteristics:

    • Voltage: 24 V or 48 V nominal
    • Energy: 5.2 kWh
    • Power: 16 kW nominal
    • Support for hot-swap & precharge (optional)
    • Mass: 57 kg (weight: 125 lb)
    • Sturdy, isolated case
    • Li-Ion, LiFePO4 cells
    • Digital BMS:
      • Monitors every cell voltage and temperature, monitors current
      • Controls optional internal charger directly, controls load and external charging through CAN bus
      • Balances pack at 100% SOC with dissipative balancing
      • Evaluates SOC, DOD, SOH, pack resistance
      • Detects loss of ground to pack isolation
      • Reports periodically
    • CAN bus communication reports periodically:
      • BMS and pack status
      • Current limits (CCL, DCL)
      • Pack current and voltage
      • Replies to PID requests for any additional available data
      • Individual cell voltages, resistances, temperatures, location
      • Min, avg and max cell voltages, resistances, temperatures
      • Pack resistance, SOC, DOD, SOH
      • Power, cumulative energy (in and out)


BeVault Modules are designed to be used with standard 19” Server Racks and can be combined and built into BeVault System using customized shipping containers.

System characteristics:

    • Up to 127 battery modules per “room”, up to 127 “rooms”
      (up to 16,129 BeVault Modules per one BeVault System)
    • Voltage: stackable in series to 800 V nominal
    • Energy: stackable to over 80 MWh
    • Power: stackable in parallel to 80 MW nominal, 240 MW peak

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