Energy Storage for Homes, Residential Solar Arrays

Sizing Up the Residential Energy Storage Opportunity

When considering present opportunities in the residential energy storage market, we need to ask ourselves two things: 1. Is it viable and 2. Is it adoptable; perhaps not in that order, though. Residential energy storage viability has a lot of … Continue reading

Grid Energy Storage Battery Blog Post Image

How Grid Energy Storage Applies In Today’s Growing Market

I’ll admit that when I first started delving into the opportunities of energy storage my assumptions were a little pie-in-the-sky. I formed dreamy images of car-sized battery packs that would sit next to wind turbines at night while the nearby … Continue reading

Commercial Building Energy Storage

Why Energy Storage Will Give Commercial Operations an Edge

Grid-based energy storage, battery storage solutions for renewable energy application, and effective storage technologies that reduce power and energy intermittence problems are leading topics in today’s energy media and across a variety of R&D initiatives. We strongly agree that widespread … Continue reading


Donald Sadoway’s TED Talk on Grid Energy Storage for Renewable Energy

Donald Sadoway’s recent TED Talk “The missing link to renewable energy” has gone viral, and in the face of our national and world energy needs, the huge potential of renewable energy sources to meet those needs, and hundreds of organizations … Continue reading

BeVault Energy Storage and RPS, Renewable Portfolio Standards Blog Post

How Renewable Portfolio Standards Push Energy Storage Growth

Battery Energy Storage is in the news, all over renewable energy commentary sites, and on the minds of investors the world over (not to mention sitting in both the U.S. House and Senate in the form of sibling Energy Storage … Continue reading


Predicting the Fate of the Energy Storage Act, Third Time’s the Charm

Poised to be the biggest growth year for the energy storage industry, 2012 will build upon a number of promising technological, investment and legislative advancements that moved the market forward in 2011. A key player in the immediate future of the energy storage market is the Storage Act of 2011. Continue reading

Three Buildings, Energy Storage Success Indicators

Top 3 Success Indicators for the Energy Storage Market in 2011

2011 was certainly a standout year for energy storage. A key indicator of an increasingly supportive international environment for the space was the tremendous growth seen in investment capital worldwide. According to Ernst & Young, U.S. energy storage investment alone rose 253% from 2010 to $932.6 million in 2011. In fact, energy storage led all cleantech investment sectors in Q3 with $524 million in VC injections. This came as awareness of not only the vast array of beneficial applications of energy storage grew, but also as the cost of previously cost-prohibitive technologies continued to fall into attainable range for wide-scale production and application. Continue reading